Scala Play2: Tolerant JSON body parsing with dedicated error handling

I'm currently rewriting a Scala Play2 based web service that employs the following body parser:

def tolerantJsonParser[A](implicit reader: Reads[A]): BodyParser[A] =
  parse.tolerantJson.validate(json =>
    json.validate[A] => Results.BadRequest)

def doSomething = Action.async(tolerantJsonParser[SomeThing]) { request =>
  val someThing: SomeThing = request.body

Not shown here is the implicit Reads that takes care of transforming the Json object into an object of case class SomeThing when the json.validate method is called.

As you can see, the existing code took care of handling the incoming Json in a tolerant manner - that is, it didn't bail out if the media type of the body is not application/json, which is what Play does per default, but which is not what we want in this case because clients send requests with a more specific media type to this webservice.

In case that the Json object to case class transformation fails, the body parser correctly answers the request with a 400 Bad Request response status code. This covers all cases where the body is valid Json, but cannot be mapped to the structure of the case class using the implicit Reads.

Another case is implicitly covered, too - if the request body isn't even Json to begin with (e.g. because a { is missing, as in "foo":"bar"}), then parse.tolerantJson fails, resulting in a failure response, too.

However, the latter case is handled by Play2, resulting in a generic HTML error response - but for the rewrite, I wanted to have dedicated error handling because my goal was to send a specific Json encoded error response.

The solution turned out to be quite simple (which didn't stop me from taking several hours to come up with it) - by parsing the Json myself using the parse.tolerantText body parser, I gained full control over the body parsing process, which allowed me to react to errors in both steps in the process - the text-to-json transformation as well as the json-to-case-class-object transformation:

def tolerantTryJsonParser[A](implicit reader: Reads[A]): BodyParser[Try[A]] = { { text =>
    Try {

def doSomething = Action.async(tolerantTryJsonParser[SomeThing]) { request =>
  request.body match {
    case Success(something) => ...
    case Failure(error) => ...

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